Mobile App Development Specialist

We are developing web apps, mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as chatbots. We also offer cloud infrastructure and database deployments to host apps and backends.

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Over 20 Years serving the North

development mobiTec is a Whitehorse, Yukon-based software development company serving Northern businesses, communities and organizations with deep expertise Javascript, NodeJS, NoSQL, ReactJs, Native React, and Cordova. Over the past 20 years, mobiTec has become a trusted expert for application development in the North.

Rapid Prototyping

We have worked with the Yukon Research Centre, Technology Innovation, and local technology innovators for many years to develop prototypes promptly and with high-quality standards.

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Local is Smart
February 2017

mobiTec participated in the Startup Checkpoint workshop presented by Bernd Petak Consulting, Vancouver

Local is Smart
November 2016

mobiTec received funding from CCI TI for the development of an innovative on-demand mobile marketing channel

Bluetooth LE
January 2016

mobiTec was contracted by Cygnus Technical Services Ltd. to develop an Android app that communicates with BLE sensors and gateways

Montana Mountain Biking App
May 2015

Montana Mountain Biking app now available:


Whitehorse, Yukon

Phone: (867) 335-7595